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"I started buying wood from Ivan's Tree Service three years ago after I ran out and my regular supplier of many years refused to answer my calls.  Ivan supplies good seasoned hardwood, split to the right size.  The wood is clean, and delivered promptly.  They take care of me and a few of my friends with friendly prompt service.

You can count on the whole van Leeuwen family to care of you as a customer, friend, and neighbor.

Cannot ask for more."

~Ross Trudel, Perth Road Village

"Ivan has looked after the trees on my property for 29 years.  He does not just cut down trees , he takes care of  trees. My magnolia tree is known in my family as Ivan's tree because he has nurtured and taken care of it for years. Ivan hand trims the huge magnolia every year and because of his skill, it is still a magnificent, healthy tree 40 years later. I trust Ivan completely with his opinions and advice on what could be or should be trimmed. Ivan is  honest, hard-working, dependable and reliable and he is passing on his expertise and knowledge to his sons to follow in his big boots."

~Leslie Vandewater